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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Ease Arthritis Pain

AARPMAGAZINE.ORG-Chai Woodham Older adults who did one hour of tai chi twice weekly cut their pain from knee osteo-arthritis considerably in a 12-week study conducted at Tufts University School of Medicine.

USA weekend-Sept. 17-19, 2010 Did you know that 25% of us have the Alzheimer’s gene?  So, we searched science for advice.  The result: 10 surprisingly easy tactics that might save our brains. Have coffee Floss Google Grow new brain cells….what works: aerobic exercise (such as a brisk  30-minute walk every day), strenuous mental activity, eating […]

On Kashi.com there was a good article on Aerobic Exercise. Regular exercise is an important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but often it can seem like just another item on an already full to-do list. The good news is that many aerobic activities not only have been shown to significantly improve overall health, but […]

Eat this for a Younger Heart

Your risk of heart disease climbs fast as you age.  Quick fix:  go easy on salt, and fill up on potassium rich foods, like apricots, bananas, lentils, spinach and sweet potatoes.  A new analysis in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that pairing these strategies can lower risks by up to 33 percent.