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Monthly Archive for November, 2010

How to Live Longer

The Blue Zone writer Dan Buettner For this book The Blue Zone writer Dan Buettner 47, spent seven years researching communities that boast high percentages of centenarians.  Among the common habits he says can add 10 healthy years to your life: Have Happy Hour-a glass of wine, some nuts and a gathering of friends are […]

Arthritis Today   May/June 2010 1)Express gratitude, 2)cultivate optimism, 3)avoid overthinking, 4) practice acts of kindness, 5)nurture social relationships, 6)develop coping strategies, 7)learn to forgive, 8)increase “flow experiences-those activities that completely absorb you, 9)savor life’s joys, 10)commit to goals, 11)get in touch with your spiritual self, 12)take care of yourself through meditation, physical activity and just […]