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Monthly Archive for July, 2011

4 sure-fire strategies for feeling better Meditation can help lessen pain’s intensity. / Dougal Waters, Getty Image Chronic pain can be debilitating, all-consuming and even frustrating — especially when you’ve taken every test and tried every medication and you still hurt. You start to think maybe it’s all in your head (it’s not) and there’s […]

Berries, Nuts Fight Disease

Eating antioxidant-rich foods help protect your body from harmful environmental pollutants that may play a role in heart disease, premature aging and some cancers.  These are the top 10 foods with the highest antioxidant content per serving, says the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Blackberries Walnuts Strawberries Artichokes (prepared) Cranberries Coffee Raspberries Pecans Blueberries Cloves […]

Tips for Protecing Your Joints

Advice from the Arthritis Foundation Protecting your joints may help you prevent osteoarthritis and the pain associated with the disease. Maintain your ideal body weight.  The more you weigh, the more stress you are putting on your joints, especially your hips, knees, back and feet. Move your body.  Exercise protects joints by strengthening the muscles […]

Summer vs. your skin

3 easy ways to keep it healthy this season.   Wear gloves to prevent outdoor skin reactions. Summer is the time when we show a little more skin. To get it glowing, exfoliate regularly (to slough off the dead skin cells), moisturize with a light lotion (to rehydrate dry skin) and replace razor blades after […]