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Monthly Archive for October, 2011

Reader’s Digest (RD Living) Dutch researchers have identified a meal that can help prevent disease-and it even tastes good.  In a review of 44 studies, they found that men and women who ate six key foods daily cut their risk of heart disease by 76%.   If they stuck with it, men could increase their life […]

fitnessmagazine.com/October 2011 Some soups can be surprisingly high in calories.  Here are three ways to make any bowl healthier Slash fat.  Instead of thickening it with a roux (a mixture of butter and flour),use pureed tomatoes or legumes. Go Greek.  Low-fat Greek yogurt in place of heavy cream or whole milk is perfect for finishing […]

What’s Up, Doc?

fitness magazine.com/October 2011 Use our checklist to ask all the right questions at your next visit. How would you rate my health? What can I do to improve my health? How soon can I expect a call with test results? How should I take this medicine and for how long? What side effects are likely? […]